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Fixed Price Service Plans

Great Service At Great Prices
  • 11/09/2014
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Fixed Price Service Plans We service all makes and models of vehicles!

Engine Change engine oil Change oil filter Check and top up fluid levels Check drive belts (excluding cam belt) Check condition of air filter element Battery Test battery condition Test charge voltage Electrical Check operation of lights and instruments Cooling

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WELCOME To Hollands Suzuki Cars (Timaru) Regardless of where you live in South Canterbury, we are your local authorized Suzuki Car Dealer. Simply send us an email or phone. We will come to your work or home, for sales or service. It's that easy! Serving all of Canterbury from Christchurch and Timaru. Only when you live in Canterbury and purchase a car from Holland's, you can start sharing a unique experience. This is called Holland's Cost Free Servicing Programmes. 30,000 people have enjoyed the cost free experience, which involves huge savings for our customers, at the same time delivering total security and peace of mind. Holland's are the largest stockist of new and used Suzuki Motor Vehicles in Canterbury, with over 300 cars in stock, giving you an amazing selection to choose from. So how does this all work? For more exciting "Cost Free" information, contact one of our sales team SEARCH OUR Vehicle Listings It's Leaner, Meaner, Swifter

The all new Swift Sport will rock your world serving up exhilarating turbo performance, cutting edge technology, and fearless design. With its lightweight frame, aggressive sports styling, and fine tuned [...]


Frequently Asked Questions
Over 60 years Two. Head office based in Christchurch and a branch in Timaru, which open in 2002 It's a warranty, servicing and maintenance programme all rolled into one!By purchasing a new or used vehicle from Holland's Christchurch or Timaru and the best part it's totally FREE!No.Holland's exclusive COST FREE Programmes are fully funded by Holland'sYour vehicle servicing must be carried out exclusively by Holland's service centre in Christchurch or Timaru to ensure you receive the full benifits that only Holland's Cost Free servicing programmes has to offer.Yes we do, everything from farm trucks to european vehicles

Company Profile

Attract, engage and convert more qualified vehicle shoppers
  • 10/09/2014
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Company Profile Holland's Motors Ltd, a Christchurch based car sales business on Shakespeare Rd and now with a branch in Timaru, was birthed from humble beginnings. Alison and Mick Holland were married in 1941. Mick had just returned from a stint as a high achiever on the motor-cycle racing circuit, riding speedway, road racing and miniature tt, the equivalent of today's motocross. Mick acquired a reputation as a strategic thinker a high flyer with the certificates and trophies to prove it. At this point Holland's owned the business, but were renting the premises, and when a window of opportunity presented itself Mick and Alison bought the land and buildings. Mick's passion for motorcycle racing and with technology progressing at the speed of light, the business transmuted from pushbikes to motorcycles. For Mick this was like sliding on a well worn and loved glove. Knowledge is power. Combine that with passion and what you have is the power of one. Looking for a business opportunity, a friend knew of a cyclery shop for sale, and thought it might be worth a look to obs [...]

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That being said, we will give you an amazing deal for the trouble.
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